I have been in the show horse cart business for over 45 years. I owned Houghton Sulky in Ohio for five years and sold it in 2004. I have been asked numerous times to come back to supply quality show horse carts. I only use quality craftsman to build the carts that I sell. The cushions and covers are made by men that have made them for over 30 years and they only use quality materials. We offer carts and accessories at a reasonable price. You can pick up your cart in Louisville or we can make arrangements to have your cart shipped.

Remember the times at the old tobacco warehouse across the street from Tattersall's. We were there spring, summer and fall to help you with your cart and harness needs.



New for 2011, we now represent Jerald Sulky Company.

We can take your cart on consignment. Ask me about how we can put your cart on our consignment page on our web site.


Please call me and let me help you with your cart and harness needs.


I also ringmaster horse shows. Talk to me at the shows about your show horse cart needs.




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